What To Do When Your Furnace Breaks Down

How To Find an Emergency Furnace Repair Company

Phone Call Woman Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockEven if you live in a comfortable climate, your furnace can break. If this happens, you need to have it repaired right away so that you won’t be left without heat on one of the coldest days of the year. Here are some steps for finding an emergency heating specialist for your furnace quickly:

If you try calling around yourself, be sure to give yourself plenty of time for this. If you are calling businesses on the weekend, it will take longer than if you only call during regular business hours.

When you do find a company that can help quickly, asks what their rates are for after-hours repair work. You also want to ask whether they have any kind of emergency rate, especially if it is a weekend or holiday.

Once a company agrees to a rate, ask them what time they will be arriving. You want this to happen as soon as possible because the longer you wait for your furnace to get fixed, the colder it will become inside your residence.

If someone from the repair company says that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it out right away due to the weather, ask him if he has any suggestions for what you can do in the meantime. He may recommend that you find a hotel or stay with friends and family who live nearby.

When your furnace needs repair, make sure the person fixing it is fully qualified to do so. Ask for ID from anyone sending someone out to your home.

Inspect For Any Visible Damage

Woman's eye seen through a magnifying glass - Stock Image - P420/0406 -  Science Photo LibraryYour furnace might not be working if it is experiencing certain problems that are visible. The first thing you want to do is inspect your unit for any damage or holes. If your furnace has a hole in it somewhere, cold air will come out and prevent your heating system from working properly.

While you’re inspecting your furnace, make sure that you also look for rust because this could be an indication of a problem. If your unit is rusty all over, it will not heat well at all during the winter months when you need it the most.

When inspecting your furnace, make sure to check out where your air filter is located. This component can get clogged quickly with dust and debris that prevent your system from working properly. If there is a lot of dust or dirt inside your furnace, look for a new air filter and change it out.

Before calling in a professional to take care of the problem, you may want to look at your furnace for any visible damage (you can have this video as a guide, just click this link: Heating Repair & Maintenance – How To Inspect A Furnace). If there is visible damage in an area that you know gets very hot when your heating unit is running, then it’s best not to try tinkering with this equipment until after you’ve called in a professional. Some of the parts that get very hot include:

the heat exchangers, the burners, the blower motor, and the fan blades. Because these parts can get very hot when your furnace is turned on, it’s best to let a professional handle them. If you try taking anything apart from yourself before contacting an emergency heating specialist to prevent further damage from occurring, you may end up causing more harm than good.

Hire a Furnace Professional Instead

If you have a broken furnace, there are many things that could be wrong with it. Unless you are experienced at fixing furnaces, it’s best to hire an emergency heating specialist to fix this for you instead of trying to take care of the problem yourself.How to Find the Right HVAC Contractor for Your Home | Boehmer Heating and  Cooling

Here is why:

1) Most people who attempt to repair their own furnace don’t know what they are doing.

2) The equipment these people are working on is extremely hot and dangerous.

3) You can end up making the problem worse if you try to fix it yourself without the proper training, tools, or experience.

4) Failing to hire a professional could result in safety hazards for your family.

5) You may void your warranty by making the problem worse.

6) The person who comes out to fix your furnace will be fully trained and able to do a better job than you could ever do on your own.

7) Many furnaces can be extremely dangerous because of all of the moving pieces that are necessary for them to work.

8) A professional will have all of the right tools and equipment necessary in order to make sure this job is done properly.

9) The person responsible for fixing your furnace also has a warranty that they can offer you in case anything goes wrong with their repair services.

10) Many insurance companies will cover the cost of having an emergency heating specialist come out to your home to fix this for you.