Signs You Need An Air Duct Replacement

How To Properly Check Your Air Ducts

When you feel the need to call an air duct repair service for your air conditioning system, there are certain things that you should consider doing prior to contacting them. This is important because if any errors are found, it will help reduce the cost of repairs and will also minimize the inconvenience on your part. If you want to know how to test these components by yourself without hiring third-party companies; then click this link: (How To Properly Inspect Your Air Ducts) or read on below.

You should begin by checking all accessible areas where air can escape or where they may enter your homes like openings for electrical outlets on walls, windowsills, grilles on dryers, washer pumps, and behind boxes stored in attics or basements. You can also check light fixtures above kitchen counters if there is access through the cabinets.

You should then check all accessible areas outside your homes like the top of your chimney and furnace, crawl space vents, and dryer outlets. You can also inspect for air leaks around the dryer vent hose and washer supply line connections by placing a lighted candle near these areas to test if there is airflow from the inside to out or vice versa.

Before contacting air duct repair professionals, you should also consider checking the following things:

· Look at your furnace or heat pump to see if it is running. Make sure that the outside fan and compressor are operating when they should be.

· Turn on your furnace blower to speed 3 and check for airflow at registers throughout rooms in your home. If there isn’t much airflow then there might be problems with your blower motor or its capacitor which may need replacement.

· Check your thermostat to make sure that it’s set at a functional level that is comfortable for everyone in your home before calling air duct repair professionals. If it’s not then the problem might be with your thermostat or its batteries which need replacement if they are old.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Your Air Ducts?

Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts In Your Home Cleaned | TLC PlumbingYou may wonder why hiring professionals is better than doing it yourself when it comes to heating/air conditioning unit repairs or replacements because there could be risks involved with this kind of project. But, the truth is that there are many benefits of having these kinds of projects completed by air duct repair experts including fast installation, cleanliness, cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability, etc.

· Installation is completed within just one day so you can enjoy your home’s heating or cooling systems again the next day.

· Having your air ducts cleaned by professionals also means clean air for everyone especially children, elderly people, and those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Plus, there won’t be any chances of mold spreading which further benefits your family’s health plus it will give them more time to spend relaxing indoors rather than trying to recover after inhaling contaminated air every night while they sleep.

· Lastly, having professionals do the job guarantees safety and reliability when it comes to heating and cooling systems because this is their area of expertise plus they have been working on these kinds of projects for many decades so they know where to look for problems and how to fix them easily.

Should You Clean or Replace Your Air Ducts?Air Duct Cleaning Services | Commercial & Home Air Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners wonder if they should clean the air ducts in their homes or replace them with new ones.  The best choice is to have your air ducts cleaned since this doesn’t involve too much as compared to replacing an entire system. If you decide to replace your heating and cooling system then consider that it may cost more than just having the air ducts professionally inspected and cleaning those that need restoration.

There are times when people think that their air ducts need repairs when in fact they need replacements instead. Here are some signs that indicate when it is time for your heating or cooling unit’s air duct replacement:

· If your home experiences problems with the airflow of your system then it may be because of a broken air duct particularly if this was not present prior to having a new heating and cooling system installed.

· Another sign that you need an air duct replacement is if there’s a sticky substance around the vents or in your heating and cooling system whether it’s oily, powdery, smelly, etc. This indicates poor insulation which means warm or cold air will escape from your unit making the house even colder at wintertime and hotter during summer.

· The last sign that you need air duct replacement is when the airflow coming from the vents feels stuffy similar to what smokers feel when they breathe in cigarette smoke plus it has a metallic smell too. This is a sign that your heating or cooling system has already experienced mold growth in which case you have to contact an air duct repair specialist right away for restoration and replacement.